twenty five before twenty five


a personal challenge & project

I created this list after realising how much I enjoy looking through old photos and making little videos with footage taken on the GoPro. It made me realise that the time and money used for making memories is always well spent.

I will complete all 25 things on this list by my 25th birthday which falls on the 24th April 2018.

Time to make it happen.

  • Get a pet (14/10/16)

  • Go for a massage (24/04/17)

  • Host a mexican dinner party with mojitos

  • Visit Italy again (01/04/17)

  • Road trip around Scotland (30/08/17)

  • Visit the Eden Project

  • Go to an open air cinema (12/07/17)

  • Take a surfing lesson

  • Complete a fundraising run (19/07/17)

  • Skydive

  • Camp in the Lake District (29/08/17)

  • Buy a piano / digital piano

  • Eat @ Upstairs at the grill (24/04/17)

  • Try indoor rock climbing  (14/02/18)

  • Take Mum & Dad out for dinner (04/06/17)

  • White water rafting (14/05/17)

  • Ride on the back of a motorbike

  • Give blood (10/11/16)

  • Make brownies (I have never done this...)

  • Read at least 10 new books

  • Visit the Jurassic Coast

  • Open a Help to buy ISA (16/09/17)

  • Go strawberry picking (17/06/17)

  • Take one photo a day, every day, for a year - then make a video.

  • Update my website to something I can be proud of